Only a few days left now!

We are moving fast to the inauguration of the 5th festival!

The schedule for the first festival day 21 September looks like this:

5 pm – inauguration at The Uppland Museum, S:t Erikstorg. There will be speeches and at five one of our municipals Mohamad Hassan will cut the film to let you in to see The Board evolve, and the exhibitions inside the museum are opened one floor up.

6-8 pm – enjoy all the exhibitions at Kvarnen shopping mall, Uppsala Consert & Congress Hall, Elite Hotel, Omnikvariatet, Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap, The castle area with The Art Museum, The Peace Museam and Vasaborgen.

Our festival pub will be opened from 5 pm, and you are sure to meet some of the photographers and volunteers there!


For more information, visit our Facebook page.

photo: Gabriel Gumucio

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