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Wednesday 20 September – head start!

Erik Johansson about his dream work

The surrealistic photographer Erik Johansson talks about his work and his process creating photos, and we will also have the chance to see how.

Friday  22 September

Mine – and other photo series (Swe)

The Uppsala photographers Odd Uhrbom’s and Sara Lidman’s book, entitled “Gruva” (Mine) was published in 1968 and turned into a major success. The book describes the conditions in the LKAB mines, received a lot of attention in media. Odd Uhrbom will lecture about the book and other photographic projects. (free of charge)

 Political Tolerance in the Global South (Swe)

Sten Widmalm is well known Professor in political science at Uppsala University, debater, photographer, and author of Politica Tolerance in the Global South and other works. In his lectore he will present why the camera can be such an important tool for a researcher working in a post-truth world, where democracy remains under attack.

Saturday 23 September

Sense of Place (Eng)

Israeli photographer Yoav Horesh, Chair of Photography at The New Hampshire Institute of Art, NHIA, will lecture about the sense of place in his documentary photo projects worldwide, and its relation to time, space and history.

The embodied photographer – Seeing beyond the visible (Eng)

Jan Boelhouwers is Professor in Geography at Uppsala University, and also a photographer. He will in his lecture talk about how our intellect and identity interact when approaching and discovering landscapes and nature as a whole.

I am able to see (Swe)

The Eskilstuna based photographer Ulf Rehnholm will talk about how he works with current social society issues in his art projects.

The Secret Place of Objects

The Spanish surrealist Garcia de Marina will in his lecture tell us about his work with finding new identities to everyday object, his creative process, and combination with showing some of his work.

Sunday 24 September

Stairway to Instagram – the fascination of staircase photography (Eng)

The German architecture photographer Cris Gravin, who was appointed one of ten best photographers worldwide by Lonely Planet, will talk about his architectonic love for staircases and also about his work.

Fotografiska – the unforgettable journey (Swe)

One of the founders of Fotografiska in Stockholm, Jan Broman, will tell us how it all started, how they have developed the concept and what the future looks like.

Panel discussion: the photographer’s dream – or the viewer’s?

A photograph has multiple dimensions. The photographer has her/his intention with the image, a desire to show her/his interpretation of reality,  the outside world or the dream about it. How does the viewer perceive the photograph? Moderator: Patricia Casey, panel: Daniel Werkmäster, Yoav Horesh, Agnes Kullenmark Rydberg and Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann.

Camera, technology, composition, and everything in between

Take this opportunity to ask your questions about photography to Calle Rosenqvist, editor in chief at the photo magazine Kamera & Bild, who is a photo journalist with a vast experience within the field and its technology. Calle Rosenqvist meets many of Sweden’s best photographers, and will tell you their stories and hints to inspire other people who loves photography, and wants to learn more about it.


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