Yoav Horesh

About the exhibition

In the fall of 2013 Yoav Horesh returned to his birth country, Israel, after more than 16 years that he lived, photographed, studied and taught in the United States, Germany and Hong Kong. The country he returned to felt very different from the one he remembered leaving in his early twenties. “Not only had the regional conflict worsened, but the socio-political map had significantly shifted upon the arrival of large numbers of immigrants and refugees from Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Familiar but yet estranged by his old/new environment, he began to photograph in Neve Sha’anan in the fall of 2014 as a reaction for the growing intolerance and prejudice he encountered among Israelis towards refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers among local residence. He started by taking long walks carrying a large format camera on a tripod, engaged in conversations with people he met and photographed. Later he was invited to photograph inside their homes and eventually in 2015 he relocated his home and studio to the neighborhood. This became his “Serene Oasis”. The name for this project comes from the literal English translation for “Neve Sha’anan”. The small and poor Tel Aviv neighborhood which is home for thousands of African, Asian, Eastern Europeans and Israelis and where Horesh photographed for almost three years.


About the photographer

Born in Jerusalem Israel, Yoav Horesh has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums including in Germany, Italy, Israel, the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, Myanmar and also with Amnesty International. His work was featured, written on and published in magazines, art journals and websites across three continents and he has given public lectures and artists talks worldwide. This summer Horesh has started his new position as the Chair of the Photography Department at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH.

Photographer: Yoav Horesh, Israel
Title: Serene Oasis
Webbsite: www.yoavhoresh.com
Venue: Vasaborgen, Uppsala Slott.