Garcia de Marina

About the exhibition

The minimalist and surrealist Garcia de Marina strives to give ordinary objects new identities through his photography. He uses imagination and dreams to manually build different compositions, all without manipulating the photos in Photoshop. He is fascinated by details, and has, since he was a child, been good at finding similarities between different objects, even though they are quite separate in reality. With his exhibition Nimius Garcia de Marina wants to create new context for different objects, often with a sense of humour, and give you as a viewer a new way of looking at them. He works with soft colours to create harmony in his photos – and he always looks for the perfect angle.

In short

photographer: Garcia de Marina, Spanien
Title: Nimius
Venue: Upplandsmuseet, Fyris Torg 2.

About the photographer

Garcia de Marina was born in Spain in 1975, and started working with photography in 2010. He has grown to be an established and popular photographer throughout the past several years. His career started at Facebook, where he in a little more than a year, gained thousands of followers. Garcia de Marina’s exhibition, Nimius, is also a book, which will be sold at the festival at a reduced price. His work is being represented by Gallery 133 (Canada), Blurider Art Gallery (Taiwan) and Candice Berman Gallery (South Africa).

Garcia de Marina will also hold in a workshop in creative processes (one for children end one for adults). Read more >>