Patricia Casey

About the exhibition

The intriguing nature of dreams has been a subject of interest since time begins. Some see dreams as a form of escape while others perceive them as an extension of realism. This state of subconsciousness remains a mystery despite attempts to unravel it with plausible scientific explanations.

“Elsewhere”, the subject matter, is an installation that encapsulates the surrealism of young dreamers wandering through vivid tableaus, with almost distinct tactile details.

The photographic montages combine landscapes with dioramas and specimens found in museums worldwide, transcending the realm of dreams.

About the photographer

Patricia Casey is an artist whose work combines high end digital photography techniques with old world embroidery. She completed a Master of Visual Arts (Research) at the University of Sydney in 2009 and is part of an inclusive arts community. Her work has been exhibited internationally and shortlisted for a number of prestigious prize exhibitions which has also resulted in awards for her work. Patricia’s art reflects a constant search for meaning and a desire to understand the slippery nature of memory, imagination and dreaming. Patricia Casey is an ardent researcher and art maker and has a commitment to contributing to the wider community by way of public presentations; published papers and engagement in arts education in Australia and internationally.

In short

Photographer: Patricia Casey
Title: Elsewhere
Venue: Kvarnen Popup 2, Vaksalagatan 30.