Jarmila Nahálková

About the exhibition

Jarmila Nahálková, born 1969, is a protein biochemist who has developed a close relationship with the plant and animal kingdom. The photo documentation is often used for experimental observations through bare eyes and the lens of a microscope. At her debut art photo exhibition, she hopes to introduce the audience to another side of the highly rational world of science, where the imagination and fantasy have different forms. Here, the beauty of the ordinary life is revealed in detail under the precise eye of the camera lens, without the use of professional models and without travelling to exotic countries. Her photos mix the beauty of human, animal and plant kingdom into a unique colourful vision. The playful dreams about exotic places are brought to the life by photographing in Royal Botanical Kew Gardens, London and Botanical Garden, Uppsala.

In short

Photographer: Jarmila Naháková
Title: A Phantasy in Colours
Venue: Kvarnen Popup 2, Vaksalagatan 30.