Johan Lindberg Brusewitz

About the exhibition

Beneath the surface, the twists and turns of life can be portrayed as dreamlike; there, images of the well known are distorted into the unfamiliar, fluttering with a strange light to make little or no sense. Or all sense in the world.

Through the FIX series, the photographer seeks to show this: the all or nothing, the real or imagined, the state of the whole, deconstructed and rebuilt into new shapes, deep within.

Johan Lindberg Brusewitz was born in 15 on the eastern shore of Lake Vättern. He was
educated at the School of Higher Photography at Kulturama, Stockholm.

The photo series is shown as a slideshow accompanied by sounds by Fredrik Gunnarson, who describes himself as a playful person who likes to experiment with sounds, emotions and computers.

In short

Photographer: Johan Lindberg Brusewitz
Sound: Fredrik Gunnarson
Title: FIX
Instagram @jlbwz
Venue: Elite Hotel, Suttungs gränd 6