Tijen Erol

About the exhibition

Nicosia – one of the few divided capitals in the world and the last divided city in Europe, has a history full of tears, tragedy, conflict and war. Many left their houses and neighbours when the UN Buffer Zone closed down in 1974. However, wires and sandbags had not stopped its people’s dream of returning back to their homes, neither did it stop their hope to live in peace with their neighbours again.

In her documentary series, award-winning Cypriot photographer Tijen Erol looks for inseparability and unification in the walled city of Nicosia. She gives a voice to its people and their dream of a reunited Cyprus.

In short

Photographer: Tijen Erol, Cyprus
Title: Framing Beyond The Wall
Webbsite: tijenerolyakup.com
Venue: The House of Peace, Uppsala Castle