Lisbet Spörndly & Madeleine Gesar

About the exhibition

The photographer Lisbet Spörndly and the decorator Madeleine Gesar are shaping their own and others’ dreams in different colour schemes, in a playful way. They want the viewer to find inspiration and happiness just as they do in both the process and in their final creations. Both love colours and unexpected details, and are curious of the border country between dream and reality. Through a unique collaboration, Spörndly and Gesar have found the ultimate way to play with their own and others’ dreams in this vivid exhibition.

In short

Photographer: Lisbet Spörndly, Sweden
Interior designer/stylist: Madeleine Gesar, Sweden
Places by Lisbet&Madeleine
Title: Dream catcher
Venue: UKK, Vaksala Torg 1