Lebing Gong

About the exhibition

The ocean is infinitely vast and changing, in its silence and rage, it shapes our planet and life on earth. As humans, we love to breathe salty air and listen to the waves breaking – it is the ultimate relaxation, contemplation, and meditation. We then retreat back to ourselves, the place we came from. Thus allowing us to awake the dream that we have inside.

The photographer Lebing Gong was born in China, but now lives and works in Uppsala. The series of images were taken while the day comes to an end and night settles in, at various coastal locations in Scandinavia and southern Europe, with the hope of bringing the viewers the majestic beauty of those magical moments and a sense of inner peace.

In short

Photographer: Lebing Gong, China/Sweden
Title: Dreams of the ocean
Webbsite: 500px.com/lebing
Venue: UKK, Vaksala Torg 1