New application rule for returning photographers

To make sure that the festival has a diversified exhibition programme each year, the board has determined to only let returning photographers exhibit three festivals in a row. The photographer is allowed to apply to the festival’s individual exhibition programme a forth year, but only as a part of a group of at least four persons.

A door opener

We would like to introduce our first photographer, Ulf Rehnholm, a photo artist with a different perspective, and a never ending flow of creativity. He will exhibit his work 1Key,which consists of 177 refugee portraits, which have fled to Sweden the past couple of years. In media these people are often portrayed as an anonymous group, not of individuals. Ulf Rehnholm wants the viewer to get engaged and curious.

This piece of art was selected as one of few in this year’s spring exhibition at Liljevalchs in Stockholm, and has received a lot of attention in media.

We need you

We are looking for festival workers to help us with the preparations of the festival, and the actual work during the festival days. The assignments are different, and depends on how much time you have, and the amount of responsibility you would like to take on.

  • be responsible for a location
  • be responsible for an activity (planning etc)
  • be a contact person for a foreign photographer
  • find nice deals with partners in Uppsala
  • build walls
  • transport
  • hand out festival guides
  • sell tickets/festival passports
  • arrange a photo marathon
  • update our social media
  • write newsletters
  • write campaigns/press releases

Let us know if you are interested at info(at) You are most welcome to the festival team!

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