Panel talk

The photographer’s dream – or the viewer’s?

An image/a photograph, has multiple dimensions. The photographer has her/his intention with the image, a desire to showcase her/his interpretation of reality/the world – or her/his dream about it. How does the viewer perceive the photograph? Does the photographer want the viewer to see the photographer’s interpretation or her/his own?

Date&time: Sunday 24th of September at 2-3.30 pm
Venue: Vasasalen, Vasaborgen, Uppsala Castle

No pre-notification, no entrance fee

Panel participants

Yoav Horesh, photographer and Chair of the Photography Departement in the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH
Agnes Kullenmark Rydberg, Bachelor in Social Science
Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann, Professor of Aesthetics at the Philosophical Institution in Uppsala
Daniel Werkmäster, museum director Uppsala Art Museum


Patricia Casey, photographer & artist from Sydney, Australia.

More information

Daniel Werkmäster, director of the Uppsala Art Museum since 2014. Has previously been director of the Norrtälje Art Hall. Uppsala Art Museum is a municipal museum, located in Uppsala Castle since 1995 and has focus on American and European art, contemporary art, and art from the 1900s.

Agnes Kullenmark Rydberg, Bachelor in Social Science with rethorical and communication grounds. She has worked with lots of different things, from family therapy to festival organizing. She is interested to look at photography from an interdisciplinary basis, and see the person behind the photo.

Yoav Horesh: Well known for his images on conflicts and human adversity in United States of America, Asia and Europe, Israel born Yoav Horesh is a celebrated artist whom has exhibited his work in galleries and museums worldwide. Apart from being featured in international magazines, art journals and websites, Yoav has also given public lectures of his work in art schools, universities and galleries internationally.

Yoav’s expression of his deep interest in the history of “sites” has led him to explore locations close and far beyond in search of cultural clues and personal histories. Many of his projects also took place in countries where history still shapes and influences current events and life.

Elisabeth Shellekens Dammann, Chair Professor of Aesthetics, Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University.

Patricia Casey is an artist whose work combines high end digital photography techniques with old world embroidery. She completed a Master of Visual Arts (Research) at the University of Sydney in 2009 and is part of an inclusive arts community. Her work has been exhibited internationally and shortlisted for a number of prestigious prize exhibitions which has also resulted in awards for her work. Patricia’s art reflects a constant search for meaning and a desire to understand the slippery nature of memory, imagination and dreaming. Patricia Casey is an ardent researcher and art maker and has a commitment to contributing to the wider community by way of public presentations; published papers and engagement in arts education in Australia and internationally.