About us

We are a number of excited and dedicated people who want to make Uppsala a fun place for photographers. At least once a year.

We have two festival producers and project managers: Anna Lundgren and Idit Margulis. They ensure that we row ashore the festival each year. Anna works as a project manager for documentation and translation projects, is a photographer and has a diploma in journalism. Idit is a cultural entrepreneur, photographer and language teacher. She has a diploma in International Relations and East Asian Studies.

A core group of festival workers work with activities, partnerships, facilities, marketing, web and more. It requires a great deal to create a festival!

In addition there is also a large group of volunteers that makes sure you get a good reception at the door when you go to a lecture, which guards one of our many exhibitions, responsible for logistics, build up The Board, arrange flowers and table for VIP -fest, etc.

Are you interested to be in our gang? Please contact info (at) uppsalafotofestival.se. The address is administered by the festival management.

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