Individual exhibitions – CLOSED

1. Applying for an individual exhibition is free of charge. We need your complete application no later than 30 April 2019. Applications which arrive later will not be regarded.

2. Your application should include a link to your own photo website or blog. If you do not have a website or blog with reference pictures, please send 5 photographs to the festival e-mail address, along with your bio and a summary about your exhibition and how it matches the theme of the year.

3. Maximum image resolution for the reference photographs is 72 dpi. The long side of the image can be a maximum of 600 pixles.

4. Applications are processed continuously. A reply regarding your application will be sent to you no later than 31 May 2019.

5. To be able to exhibit you must be/become a festival member 2019.

6. An accepted exhibition application is binding. Dropping out after having received acceptance for an individual exhibition will be charged at SEK 1,000.

7. All exhibition costs, including printing and mounting, overnight stays, and any additional costs, are paid by the exhibiting photographer, unless otherwise agreed.

8. The exhibiting photographer is not entitled to any payment or fee paid to him or her by the festival organizer, unless special arrangements have been made.

9. The festival organizer reserves the right to charge the exhibiting photographer a commission fee of 20% for each sold item, unless otherwise agreed.

10. The festival organizer will not publish any photographs by the exhibiting photographer on our website, in social media, or in printed material without prior permission from the photographer.

11. In the event of a disagreement regarding these terms and conditions or any other matter relating to the exhibition, the decision of the festival organizer shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

12. Information about all exhibitions and photographers will be published on the festival website, as well as in printed material before and during the festival.

13. The exhibiting photographer is responsible for the insurance of his/hers exhibition unless otherwise arranged with the festival organizer or the owner of the exhibition space.

14. The festival organizer will inform the exhibiting photographer about the venue as soon as possible. The organizer takes the scope of the exhibition into account.

15. The exhibiting photographer (or the lecturer/workshop leader) should be sending in information about the exhibition, about her/him, along with a portrait and photo from the exhibition in time. Last date of sending in this material is 31 July 2019. If the photographer does not comply to the given dates, the organizer cannot promise to include the information in the festival guide.

16. The exhibiting photographer must promote the festival at her/his website, as well as in social media. She/He should also promote the festival in other networks. The organizer appreciates if the participating photographers to also share festival posts in social media to gain visitors and publicity.

17. The exhibiting photographer is responsible for the opening night, to share the costs with fellow photographers exhibiting in the same venue. Only in certain circumstances, or when agreed, does the organizer pay for snacks and beverages.

18. Exhibiting photographers should be guarding their own exhibitions during the festival. The guarding can be shared with fellow photographers exhibiting in the same venue. The festival can also provide with volunteers certain times, which preferably should be planned in advance.

The Board – 1st of September

1. Exhibiting at the Board costs 300 SEK/m. Please pay to either Swish 123 456 58 26, or to our bank account Plusgiro 17 69 57- 9. Membership for 2019 is included in the fee.

Please write the following with your payment: “first name & surname Board”. This is important as otherwise we will not be able to establish where the money comes from.

2. Applications to the Board are binding.

3. Please e-mail your contact details and date of payment to

4. The festival organizer reserves the right to deny the exhibition of photographs which are interpreted as non-ethical and/or offensive.

5. The festival organizer does not take responsibility for any damages to photographs exhibited during the festival, but there will be people guarding the exhibition during the festival days.

6. Last day of application is 1 September 2019.

7. The exhibiting photographers at The Board share the guarding of the same, according to a schedule made by the The Board Manager.

8. The photographers hang their own exhibition at the time given by the board manager.  The photographs should be printed on either Forex or similar waterproof material to avoid destruction.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please note

You are responsible for your own photographs during the festival days. All Board exhibitioners will be scheduled to participate in guarding of the exhibitions. This will be a joint responsibility together with the other Board photographers.

Please also note that Thursday evening will be the opening night for all exhibitions including the Board, 6-8 pm. All board photographers should be present at the opening night to greet their visitors.