The Board

About the Board

The Board has been Uppsala Fotofestival’s most visited exhibition throughout the years. This year it is going to rise in the very center of town, Kvarter Munken, on Trädgårdsgatan 20. The exhibition will be open to the public day and night for you to appreciate. Application to The Board is open until 1 September. See more information here.The Board exhibition started out as a dream, wanting to have an outdoor exhibition which can be enjoyed under open sky. As our festival of photography started from an idea we had while we were members in Uppsala Photographic Association, we decided to have it on Martin Luther King square. We were terrified no one would like to take part in this exhibition since everybody knows photos and water do not go well together. Even though our fears, the new exhibition site in town was filled with wonderful pictures and hundreds of visitors. We were thrilled!

Since then the Board had been a guest in many other outdoor locations in Uppsala. During the 5th Uppsala Fotofestival the Board took place in the yard of The Uppland Museum and became a huge success (photo: Malin Vretblad Plesse).

The purpose of The Board is to encourage everyone to take a shot at exhibiting photography. There is always a first time for everyone.  Maybe your time has come? The photos you have long wondered about if they are good enough might just as well be incredible! Perhaps your photographic journey starts here, or perhaps you have already come far. That’s the magic about The Board; here you will meet both amateurs and professionals.

At The Board, there is always a photographer on spot, someone to discuss the photos with, the exhibitions and the festival programme. You will be also able to find a mixture of subjects and photographers, both from Sweden and abroad. Some of them have interpreted the theme Women, some of them have chosen their own.

The Board exhibition is open whenever you want to come. Welcome!

Photographers: amateurs and professionals
Venue: The yard kvarter Munken, Trädgårdsgatan 20


(in alphabetical order, will be updated)

Barbro Agstam
Marta Daszczyk
Mattias Frenne
Robert Harlin
Susanne Lager
Ann-Sofie Nilsson
Paul Rosenbaum + 2
Yasseman Tourang
Hans Wall
Anders Westerlund
Maria Wijk
Christina Winter