Artist and Panel Talk

Between Strangers(ENG)

The 15 week collaboration between the two groups of students created personal excitement and artistic thoughtfulness as well as encouraged them to be responsible and responsive with their peers in a timely matter to keep the project moving. The exchange of photographs, development of ideas and the community building across the Atlantic Ocean, assisted the students in refining their artistic voice/thought process as well as their photographic and personal relationship skills.

They got frustrated, satisfied, proud and at times willing to reveal hidden sides of their personality and sensitivity thanks to the platform, the format and the anonymity associated with this medium.

Listen to the story behind Between Strangers, and the work with the project with some of the students from the Academy Valand, Gothenburg University and the New England College (NEC), in New Hampshire, USA. Moderator: Yoav Horesh, Associate Professor at NEC.

The students will also discuss the surrounding theme; Women, both in relation to their own exhibition, and the world itself. Can they see any difference between the Swedish photos and the American? Are there universal concepts about women that are not based in culture, language and identity?

SATURDAY September 28 | 4.30 pm
Location: Elite Hotel Academia,
Suttungs gränd 6.
Moderator: Yoav Horesh,
Associate Professor at NEC