Between Strangers

Om utställningen

The Photo Club at the Institute of Art and Design at New England College (Manchester, NH) started as a cooperative group of students from different departments and mediums, who shared the same passion for photography. The club provides a space where collaborations, mutual artistic growth and community involvement is nourished and encouraged. Since January 2019 the photo club has collaborated across the Atlantic Ocean with a group of artists and photography students from the Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The project named—“Between Strangers_Women”—included a daily exchange of visuals between individuals revolved around and reflected contemporary issues and representations of “Women.” The conversations took place on a social media platform (Instagram) that allowed a larger audience to be engaged in this collaboration.

The idea and basic structure of the collaboration between the institutions was initiated by Yoav Horesh, Associate Professor of Photography at the Institute of Art and Design, in collaboration with the management of Uppsala Fotofestival. The Valand Academy was later contacted and they found the suggested collaboration highly fitting to their interest in artistic interaction and context within contemporary photography and art. The project and collaboration was managed by the Associate Photography Professor Nina Mangalanayagam at the Valand Academy.

Through Skype meetings the threesome worked out a working process for both institutions, and then the project came to life through the eyes of the students. These visual voices carry individual sentiments on an ever-growing global conversation. This exhibition is a small excerpt from this conversation.


(in alphabetical order/first name)
Albert Sten, Camila Rojas, Carina Furino, Cassidy Sommer, Christine Drown, Clark Hartman, Daniel Wirgård, Elizabeth Johnson, Ellie Jordan-Clasby, Emma Bobeck, Jake St. Cyr, Hanna Abrahamsson, Jeremy Leisure, Jessica Ekström, Joel Bowman, Jon Hughen, Josefin Hasselberg, Kayla Padilla, Lex Eliot Rose, Luna Lopez Lindhardt, Mackenzie Burnside, Marcus Reistad, Marianna Tremblay,Miina Anahita, Nick Larochelle, Oskar Söderman, Sebastian Kok, Sofia Sandqvist Marjanen, Vera Jörgensen och Zarah Chaverri

Title: Between Strangers
Venue: Lingongården, Svartbäcksgatan 30