Play & learn about Creative Portraits (YOUTH)

This three-hour workshop for children/youngsters is designed to use photography to ignite your imagination. Maggie Steber will take you beyond the snapshot and think about composition, moment, emotions and seeing the world around in detail. You will work with props, fabrics and fake flowers to inspire you to make more creative portraits.. In these efforts we will also explore capturing various emotional moments that play with the idea of creating mystery. We will look at using the theme of light and shadow make more dynamic photographs.

The point is to play and learn at the same time. Before starting we will look at a very short presentation of various portrait examples to you ideas of what is possible.

Bring your own camera or mobile.

SUNDAY September 29 | 10 am-1 pm
Location: Kollaboratoriet
Age limit: 10 years
Number of participants: 12