Damir Tiljak

About the exhibition

The concept of the guardian angel, who is responsible for protection and guidance of an individual or a group is accepted in many religions. Without diving deeper into religious concepts, the fundamental idea of “The Birth of an Angel” exhibition is a study of the link between the growing population and guardian angels. Are there enough of them considering that the population of our planet grows exponentially? And how are guardian angels created?

Tiljak explores the idea about the creation of new angels through a complex development inside a cocoon, and the traumatic break through and escape out of it.

About the photographer

Tiljak is headmaster of “Fotonaut” Photo School, and teaches photography at Zagreb Photo and Cinema Association, as well as in other countries. He has authored numerous articles in specialised photo magazines and other newspapers.

Title: The birth of an angel
Venue: Elite Hotel Academia, Suttungs Gränd 6