Elizabeth Claffey

About the exhibition

Matrilinear addresses embodied memory and its relationship to personal, inherited, and cultural identity. Each object reveals the physical remnants of a body long gone; including stains, tears, and loose thread from clothing that was kept close to the body for comfort and protection.

The second suite in this series expands to include found objects. The exploration of these old garments, revealed pockets full of tissues. While these pieces of disposable cloth carry no value or specific story, Claffey struggles to let them go as they were once held by her mother – and the act of finding them embodies a memory, and a premonition of Claffey’s future self.

About the photographer

Elizabeth Claffey is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Indiana University and a 2019-20 Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

Title: Matrilinear
Venue: Elite Hotel Academia,
Suttungs Gränd 6