Idit Margulis


About the exhibition

When the photographer and her surrounding circles turned the age of childbearing, she started to reflect on what was considered to be good pregnancy pictures if the subjects are not photo models. Women’s bodies have long been idealised in both the advertisement and fashion industries to the extent that modern women do not recognise themselves in the imagery language which is communicated to them.

In this exhibition Idit Margulis wants to bend the rules. She wishes to expose women the way they are: magnificent, big, curvy, round, sexy and voluptuous. Because this is how they seem to her. According to the photographer, you cannot find a more beautiful woman than an expecting one.

Title: Expecting
Venue: Galleri Dragarbrunn, on the quorner of Dragarbrunnsgatan/Klostergatan

About the photographer

Idit Margulis’ heart pounds photography not only behind the camera; she is co-founder of Uppsala Fotofestival (est. 2010) and since then is working as its executive producer together with Anna Lundgren.