Keren Danieli

Om utställningen

This series by Keren Danieli puts a spotlight on children who were born to parents of different colors. The idea came to her when she picked up her 6-year-old twins from school. Roni hugged her, and one of the teachers asked:

“Sorry, but who are you?”
-“I’m her mom” – she answered.
– “You don’t look like you are her mom. She’s blond! She looks Russian….and you… you look Yemenite” she said.

Children of the New Era reflects thoughts about Globalism, free love independent of color, race and ethnic origin. We are all one. People.

About the photographer

Keren Danieli has studied practical photography engineering for three years, and is a children portrait artist. She teaches photography for professional photographers in the field of Newborn and children photography.

Title: Children of a new era
Venue: Gallery Dragarbrunn, on the corner of Dragarbrunnsgatan/Klostergatan