Kicki Lundgren

Om utställningarna


The film Floating will be shown for the first time at the festival consisting of Kicki Lundgren’s photography with music composed by the Uppsala based duo Gone North. A film inspired by the elements of nature, portraying the relationship between humans and water. It captures ordinary people with ordinary bodies, and how they relate to water. The people in the photos have generously displayed their bodies as if they were freed from the age and beauty complexes which pervade our society.

500-5 MPH

Sara works as a pilot in Florida. First she picks up her wedding ring at the jeweler, and secondly she puts on her helmet and starts her Kawasaki Ninja. After that she has no further memory of the 2 april 1996. She doesn´t remember driving home on the highway, or that a car drove out from a smaller road without noticing Sara on her motorcycle. The collision is instant.

Sara is now living with an acquired brain injury. This exhibition is about her life before and after the injury, but most of all about her courage to be seen and to live life to the fullest.

About the photographer

Kicki is a freelance photographer educated at the Nordic Photoschool. She draws inspiration from nature and from all those people who have the courage to be fully human in all their imperfection.

Title 1: Floating
Venue: Pumphuset, Munkgatan 1
Title 2: 500-5 MPH
Venue: Ungdomens Hus, Svartbäcksgatan 32