Mint Colibri

About the exhibition

It takes two to tango, but who is leading in a couple photo? Stereotypical poses in photographs of heterosexual couples can sometimes say a lot about how men and women are expected to act in relation to each other. This project by Mint Colibri brings this into light by contrasting images where boths partners are taking turns in having the leading role.

About the photographers

Mint Colibri is a photographic collaboration by Johanna Liljestrand Rönn and Ivain Martinossi. Among other projects, they have worked with the Regina Theater, the Uppsala Roller derby team and the Welcome Out festival. They use a wide palette of photographic techniques including historical processes such as wetplate photography.

Instagram: @mintcolibri


Title: It takes two to tango
Plats: Kollaboratoriet,
Östra Ågatan 19