Other exhibitions

A growing MOTHER-and

Two voluntary photographers will wander around in our venues and outside with a polaroid camera, each, to photograph mothers with their children. The aim is to put focus on the MOTHERS as a part of our MOTHER project. Many mums play an important role in their children’s lives, but too often they are taken for granted. We want the children to think a little extra about their mothers, and therefore give them the mission to go to Vasaborgen and hang their picture on an available string. We will encourage them to write or draw something for their mothers, and hang the result next to their photo.

This will be a growing exhibition during the festival days to come back to.
Supported by Region Uppsala.


Venue: Vasaborgen, Uppsala Castle

Analogue camera

Lately it has become very popular to take photos with old cameras again. Photographers buy used analogue cameras, and develop film rolls in the darkroom. Perhaps it is a way of breaking free from the endless stream of snapshots that you can take with a digital camera, and be selective in creation process. Or, you might want to go back to the craft. Irrespective of what is behind the analogue boom, old cameras are fabulous and a part of our history.

At The City Archive you can come and have a look at a range of analogue cameras, such as Goerz-anschütz Ango 13×18, Voigtländer Avus 6×9, Bronica sq-a, Zeiss Super Ikonta 6×9, Zeiss Ikon Contessa and Voigtländer Bessa 1.


Venue: Stadsarkivet, St Olofsgatan 15