Secrets of Coloured Light

Only a few photographers use the coloured lights’ technique for shooting portraits since it seems so difficult to get a good-looking balanced picture. Pictures taken by coloured lights mostly look like they are stained with blotches of different colours over the face of the model. It is not only the lighting technique that matters; the colours one uses must also fit harmoniously not only with the model, but also with the background. Appropriate makeup and styling also play an important role: colours of the makeup and clothes must also suit the colour scheme. Only when everything is in harmony can you get the perfect results.

SATURDAY September 28 | 10 am
Plats: City Stay, Trädgårdsgatan 5A

Damir Tiljak, teacher at The Fotonaut Photography School in Zagreb will reveal the most important secrets concerning the use of coloured light in model’s studio shooting.