UFS Women

About the exhibition

Uppsala Photographic Society was founded in 1941 for the purpose of furthering the development and growth of photography in Uppsala. Today the club holds around 100 members, and welcomes everyone regardless of age, gender or background. Young and old, beginners and enthusiasts – everyone can call the society their home of photography. Here you have a studio, two darkrooms and a gallery, and here, interests in both digital and analogue photography are thriving.

Approximately a fifth of the members are women. Women with different interests and photographic approach. Some of them are stuck in the darkroom, whilst others find their satisfaction in front of the computer. Some like to take photos of people, others are exploring nature, moods, or are drawn to documentary photography and street. Most of them look for emotions in their pictures, want to dive in and get close. All have something to share.

Female Reflections is a collection of photographs created by 13 women from Uppsala Photograpic Society.


Kristina Smith, https://kristinawsmith.smugmug.com/
Barbro Agstam, @barbroagstam
Anna Lundgren, @luannisextended, @annaluannis
Ingegerd Boström Carlsson, @ibcnassla
Johanna Liljestrand Rönn, @mintcolibri
Liselott Almlöf, @lisalm11
Matilda Markne
Elina Immonen, @umbraombre
JingJing Zhou
Mercè Montoliu Nerin, @mmontonerin
Charlotte Ruckl, Instagram, @charlotte_ruckl
Jeannette Jia Lagg, @fotojia
Monica Ohlsson

Title: Female Reflections
Venue: Gallery Publicum, Svartbäcksg. 20